Sunday, October 16, 2005

Moonbeam and Augustus

I had just settled into my sleeping bag after a long day on the trail when I heard a commotion outside my tent. There was much shuffling and braying and shaking of the tent flap. My first thought was to snuggle down inside my sleeping bag and ignore it, but oh my goodness, it was such a commotion.

I'd spent the day, the first on my way to the Gypsy Camp, on the trail and when I finally bedded down I was tired, short of patience, and dusty. In short, I needed a bath and I needed sleep.

I struggled out of my sleeping bag and unzipped the tent flap to see my donkey friend, Moonbeam, and with her another bigger donkey, dark of coat, and with ears twice the size of normal. Now we all know that donkey's eras are big … but this one's were bigger than big. They were enormous. Moonbeam, her white coat gleaming in the moonlight, gave me a toothy smile and in donkey language, which I seemed to understand well, though how, I do not know, introduced me to Augustus who was to accompany her and me to the Gypsy Camp.

"Why," I asked, "do I need another donkey? You and me, well, we got along famously last time."

"You never know," Moonbeam said, her ears twitching, when we might need some extra wisdom and Augustus is wise beyond his years."

"Well," I said with a grin, "if his ears are any indication of his wisdom, then…."

Augustus lowered his head and a tear fell from his right eye.

"Be careful," Moonbeam said. "Augustus is self conscious about his ears … too many people, and the other donkeys make fun of him."

"I'm sorry, Augustus." I reached for his bristly mane and rubbed it and between his ears. He nodded and gave me a toothy smile.

"We have far to go," Moonbeam said, "and since Augustus doesn't fly, we have to hoof it."

"That's okay, but I have to get some rest first … I'm just plain tuckered."

"We are, too," Moonbean said, looking at her companion. "We had to hoof it to catch up to you. You made good time for a human on foot."

Augustus nodded his head in agreement. "We'll bed down over there." He pointed with one ear toward a large tree at the edge of the clearing.

"Good night then,"

The two donkeys, one as white as moonlight the other as dark as the deepest shadow, turned and made their way to the base of the tree.

I watched them settle down before returning to the warmth and comfort of my sleeping bag.

©October 16, 2005


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Fran said...

Glad that you have the donkeys with you. Åugustus can fly, just doesn't like it at all. Try the cart behind the tree which has its own wings if you are in a hurry but it seems you are enjoying things the way they are. Have fun. The Secretary

At 11:25 PM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

The development of characters here is just wonderful Vi. I am loving this.


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