Friday, October 07, 2005

Morgaine's Surprise.

A donkey, hhmm, at Camelot we ride horses, donkey's cannot be that different, can they? Well, if I am to begin this journey I guess I had better get moving.

I decided to befriend the donkey allocated to me and grabbed a handful of grass with dandeloins mixed in, I offered it to him and watched him eat as I stroked his maine. 'I shall call you, Gallahad and we shall be trusting companions upon this journey'.

'Thank you, Morgaine, I shall enjoy your companionship and care but please don't think less of me because I am a donkey and not a horse'. Morgaine nearly fell over with shock - a donkey that can not only talk but hear her thoughts too!

'Oh no, Gallahad, I do not think less of you! You're obviously a sensitive donkey and you, you can talk and read my thoughts! How can this be? Oh, but I am glad Gallahad, now the journey will not be so lonely, it's nice to have someone to talk too'.

'It is good, Morgaine, that we have sorted this matter out, the journey is long and far, so to attempt it feeling inferior in any way is not good for you or me. You are not alone Morgaine, we are together and you shall meet many traveler's along the way'.

'Do you know where we are going, Gallahad? What is our route, our first stop'? 'I believe it is the Gypsy Camp, there is a wake there for Megan's mother. Now get some sleep, we shall begin at dawn'.

With that Morgaine pulled her warm cloak from her bag and laid down to sleep upon the soft green grass. She was soo tired and excited at the same time. 'Goodnight Gallahad'. 'Goodnight Morgaine'.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Fran said...

Welcome Morgaine: I think you will find that your donkey is very special indeed. Do remember that you have his magic wings (Let him tell you where he finds them most comfortable.) You will also find that in an emergency if he, rather than yourself, wears the all seeing glasses you will be kept from danger. The Donkeys' Union Secretary


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