Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hippopotamus-another by Jim Cornish

The hippopotamus is a big
and most ungainly kind of pig.
He doesn't know he is of course,
he thinks he is a sort of horse
and that's because some ancient Greek
who, seeing this animal in a creek,
said "It isn't reptile, cat or kine
ergo it must be equine."
He doesn't gallop, trot or neigh
and doesn't lunch on oats and hay.
He's lacking the essential parts
convenient for pulling carts.
He doesn't grunt or squeal or snort;
(perhaps he thinks he shouldn't ought)
so leave him wallowing in his bog
pretending that he's not a hog.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Dear Fran,
You must be the only Traveller on the Soul Food Road that has a darling husband who writes on your site Donkey Incorporated......
Do you know how fortunate you are,some husbands say "All that Muse stuff, its a bit creepy and strange "....
We must check with Madame (When she is not busy) heaven help us) and ask that we make Jim an
"Honorary partner or Honorary Donkey in the Soul Food Cafe "
What do you think ...If he is not too shy that is....

Love Lois(Muse of the Sea) 8/6/06

Happy Birthday for the 7th
(Hoped you liked the card from us all)....hard to find a donkey card these days Fran.......Lois......


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