Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Weekend One

What an exciting weekend! Friday was movie night and I borrowed a copy of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." Not exactly Gypsy dancing but a lot of fun. The only "downer" was that 'quoise wanted to know why all those men weren't off to war somewhere. They did draw some parallels between the semi-make-believe in the story and what everyone does on the Silk Road. Jade comment that the movie was really a fairy tale. Coral was upset at first that everyone was pretty and handsome and no one ever was every shown with disabilities or huge or tiny like "real people," but later said that in love stories people always looked like you wanted them to, and that was OK.

Part of Saturday was set aside to work on costumed for Halloween. They don't go door to door much after dark, but are excited about all of the kids coming here. They make all of their own outfits out of grocery bags with stuff glued all over, plus a trip to the thrift store. I overheard comments about their "other costumes" and was happy discover that the understand they can create any costume the wish for the Gypsy party. I am hoping they might plan on even being something else physically as well and completely break the chains of "definition by others", which is a reoccurring theme for me.

Surprise! A friend called to alert me that a visitor from a certain 'state agency' was stopping by. We do not fall under their authority as a group home and they have no legitimate reason for a call or inspection. That, of course, makes no difference. They want to have everything under their control and "can't understand" why we don't take advantage of their services. Yes, we could use the money assistance, but don't want their interference. I suspect that one of the girl's mothers is behind it. None of them have any legal custody and one is in prison. They resent that they have to call and plan a visit. I don't blame them really, but have to follow the court orders and father's directions. The girls can call them any evening they wish (free cell phone long distance), but rarely care to. Anyway, Mr. Andrews came to call.

The warning gave us a chance to straighten up a bit, though the house is always in better shape than most homes with teen-age girls. These aren't really, but … They have set hygiene programs and chores. I did cheat and arrange for a late breakfast of pancakes with "goodies" cooked in. Everyone gets to good their own with very creative designs and ingredients. Bits of sausage and pineapple seem reasonable, but I don't have to eat the ones with green pepper, olives, cherries and M&Ms. Mr. Andrews did! It was lot's of fun. He even thought it was funny when 'quoise insisted on wearing a shower cap to make "fresh squoze" orange juice.

He commented on the age of our van and TV set and asked the girls what they did for fun. I know he meant field trips and free movies and amusement parks and such. I was very proud of the girls. Here are some snatches -- you guess who was speaking.

"We go to the movies all the time. Tuesday nights we get to pick one and Fridays Nessie gets to pick one."

"Don't you go to the big cinema complex?"

"Too loud and the other people aren't very polite about Jade wanting two seats and Coral having to sit on the isle with her leg sticking out."


"Have you taken any trips to anyplace exciting?"

"Last week we went to Australia and lived in a cave."

"And we had a picnic with a lady from Canada like the geese, except we had ravens"

"Australia? How did you get there?"

"With donkeys, silly. We could take a plane but they don't talk"


"So, Ms. Kness, do you read them a lot of kid's books? Have them watch a lot of children's programs on TV?" ( I am sure the girls were oblivious of his tone.)

"We watch the history channel sometimes."

"I like those programs with real animals the best. That is like going to Africa too."

"Nessie doesn't let us watch much. But we all like to play games together more anyway."

"Don't you like to watch sports? Go to ball games?"

"We go to Little League games sometimes. We get to cheer and eat anything we want and don't have to choose team."

"and the drop balls and strike out like we do. Sometimes the coaches let us play a bit before the game."

"Yeah! And Coral has a pretend runner. If she hits the ball the coach picks her up and runs the bases with her."

"They have real good pitchers too. They always throw so we can try to hit it. Not to Jade though. She can really clobber it"

"What sports do you play Mr. Andrews?"


At 8:44 PM, Blogger aletta said...

That was sublime fun, thanks, I rarely have the stamina to read anything this long, absolutely a worth while way to spend that precious time.

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

Thank you so much for for this journal - please keep writing about the girls fo us.


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