Monday, September 12, 2005


Sometimes preparing a quick meal
on a campfire or single burner
can be a challenge after the
coffee's done. Try this ...



Nuthin' Muffin (a single pan breakfast treat)

If you would break your morning fast
with little fuss but fond delight,
but dread those messy pots that last
somehow unto the fading light.

Here is a tip of home prepare
that needs only a single pan
heated slow after coffee's share,
that can be wiped by child's han'.

First peel cold some eggs boiled hard
and slice with ancient wired tool.
Eight rounds you get and shells discard.
Then fetch the meat from chamber cool.

Freezed at castle and store secured,
slice of ham, or bacon chopped
or sausage brown, early prepared.
Lay out some cheese slice or shaved.

Small French bread you will need,
or muffin sliced the English way.
Drop in the pan; cover with meat.
Hide with lid less splatter betray.

When thaw is done and toast is brown,
top with select egg slices four
and bits of cheese of flavor known.
Cover again 'till all melted sure.

Then eat your two with relished pride
and let your crew fix up there own.
For even knight on bleary side
can safely cook and wolf it down.


At 4:25 AM, Blogger Fran said...

Thank you for a tuneful recipe. Particularly for those who by choice or need travel by donkey and can carry only one pan. The Secretary


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